This is a new concept, for sure. Here’s what you might be wondering:

#1   What the heck is a cat cafe & why should I come to one?

The concept of a cat cafe started in Taiwan and spread to Japan in the 1990s. Of late, they’re popping up in bigger cities and more and more smaller ones in the U.S. There are lots of different kinds of cat cafes. At Purr, we partner with local shelters & rescues to facilitate adoptions, help socialize these buds in a free-range environment, & offer our communities a place to interact with & learn about these fascinating felines. Purr Catfe is a registered domestic & federal non-profit organization.

#2   Can I bring my own cat?

Not unless you want to leave with an eye patch. We’ve got plenty of buds for you to enjoy right here!

#3   Can I bring one of these fellows home?

Yes, please do! To adopt one of these guys, please come in & fill out the adoption application. Adoption fees range from $60 – $80, depending on the rescue or shelter from which they came.

#4  Why do we charge an entry fee?

Other catfes charge hourly but Purr is a single entry fee so you can stay alll day long if you like. So why do we charge an entry fee? Because cats are lazy & they refuse to work to help the staff pay the bills so that they can enjoy what is essentially a cat spa. And they’re homeless so they can’t really chip in with their own cash. It’s a good thing they’re cute, for sure.

#5   What are your various prices?

Our prices are…

Purr Therapy | Single Entry, Unlimited Hours$8
Unlimited Coffee, Tea & Hot Beverages$2 donation
Gift CertificatesAny denomination!
Order here...
Private Parties$100
1 Hour | Wed - Sun @ 11am or 6pm
Book here...

#6   Can I bring in any other food or treats?

Sure! Just keep in mind our friends like to jump and play with things they shouldn’t – and that includes your lunch.

#7  Can I have Purr all to myself for a private party?

You sure can! We have one hour slots available for private events at 11am & 6pm Wednesdays through Sundays. Please inquire for maximum guests. The price for a private Purr party is $100. We have some beverages for sale here but do feel free to bring any cakes, cupcakes, human treats, decorations etc. that you like! Book your time here.

#8  So why no kids under 10 years old? & why 2 children max per 1 adult?

We have these policies in place for insurance reasons & for the safety of the animals & the children. All children must be monitored at all times & will be asked to leave should unruly or inappropriate behavior occur.

#9  You sure do have a lot of cats in there. How do you keep it smelling so fresh & delightful?

A&H Clump and SealArm and hammer max odorWe’re so glad you asked! The kind people at Arm & Hammer donate products to help with all our poo-related needs. Clump & Seal is one of the best things to happen to us here. It keeps our cats AND our noses happy! The staff is particularly obsessed with the Max Odor Eliminator Foam. She bathes Purr in it every day so it smells fresh & amazing!


#10   Can I surrender/dump/give my cats to you? How about unowned cats I’ve found?

We do not take owner-surrendered animals from the public. We act as an ancillary service to our local shelters. If you find yourself picking up an unowned animal, please contact your local shelter or rescue; you are wonderful for looking out for our homeless buds, but at this point we have neither the resources nor the personnel to accommodate non-shelter cats.

#12  I have another question, but it’s not answered here. Can I ask you that?

Yes, please! Again, this is new for all of us so we welcome any questions you may have. You can ask us here.












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